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любить значит страдать, но не любить тоже значит страдать, а страдать значит страдать
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а тут наверно немного додали шипперам гриньюта
SnitchSeeker: What did Grindelwald mean at the end when he told Newt, “Will we die, just a little?” just before he’s taken away?
David Yates: You know, ultimately, I think that’s what he’s saying there is he’s saying, “We’re gonna be on this amazing journey together, you and I. And it will demand an enormous amount from both of us in what it will put us through. And in that journey, we will probably sacrifice quite a bit. We will lose part of ourselves on the journey. So that’s what that means, I think. Will we die, just a little?

Eddie Redmayne: It’s almost an invitation. But I think the point is that Newt doesn’t know what that means. But it is so sobering when Johnny [Depp] delivered it because it was this weird invitation that he couldn’t figure out in that moment but I presume he will.

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Внезапно! xD Искали тайные смыслы в этой его фразе, отсылки к каким-то событиям из общего с Дамблдором прошлого, а это Гринди пофлиртовать решил.

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